We have all seen our favorite heroes shine on the big screen with their exceptional acting skills. But, have you ever thought what they would have become had acting not been their line of work?

Here is our imagination about the same.

Sudeep – Hotelier/Cricketer

Sudeep has been associated with cricket for a long time. He also likes cooking, so he might as well be successful as a hotelier too.

Darshan – Animal Activist

Darshan is an animal lover and he has adopted plenty of them in the past. He would have definitely excelled in this profession as an Animal Activist.

Yash – Environmentalist

Yash fought for the Water Resources in North Karnataka a few years ago. With the pan-India appeal he has, could a future career as an Environmentalist be in the offing ?

Puneeth Rajkumar – Dance Choreographer

He is arguably the best dancer that we have. His movements on the big screen have driven us crazy multiple times in the past. May be, he would love to pass on his skills to others budding dancers as well.

Dhruva Sarjaa – Gym Owner

No explanations required here. One of the fittest in Sandalwood, Dhruva’s fitness regime will definitely impress his customers.

Ganesh – Stand-up Artiste

For the sense of humor he possesses, Golden Star Ganesh will have a superb career as a Stand-up artiste.

Shivaraj Kumar – Cop

Shivanna has amazed us like never before in cop characters. May be, if not an actor, his path could have led him to become a commanding police-officer.

Upendra – Politician (He is already one!)

Well, we all expected him to dive into politics and here he is, already impressing us with unique thoughts and creative ideas.

Diganth – Stylist

One of the most good-looking actors in the industry, Diganth is a style-icon in Karnataka. Hence, we though he might excel in a career as a stylist.

Rakshit Shetty – A Book Critic

We know that Rakshit is a big-time bibliophile, going by his posts on social media. Also, his calm demeanour and likeable character fits the profession of a ‘Book Reviewer’ perfectly.