Critic’s Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

It has been a while since Real Star Upendra has scored a hit at the box-office. Uppi’s political aspirations have decreased the number of movies he has been acting in. However, the talented actor’s latest movie ‘I Love You’ has hit the theatres today. The R Chandru directorial is finding a release in Telugu too and going by the trailer, fans expected a vintage Upendra on the big screen. On that note, here is a quick review of how the movie fared on its first day at the theatres.

“I Love You” is the meeting of two distinct styles of individuals who are known for their different type of movies. However, surprisingly the R Chandru-Upendra duo has done a decent job of dishing out a decent weekend watch for the Kannada audience.

Santhosh, played by Upendra is a successful businessman who is married to Gowri, played by Sonu Gowda. However, Uppi is not interested in his married life although he has a daughter from his wife. However, a huge twist arrives when he meets his ex-flame Dharmika (Rachitha Ram).

What happens next forms the crux of the story.

The back story involving Upendra and Rachitha Ram is impressive as we get to witness the vintage philosophy-imparting style of acting by Upendra. “Love” is his subject this time around and R Chandru makes sure this segment does not seem repetitive.

Upendra looks extremely handsome in this movie and reminds us of him a decade ago. Despite playing an underwhelming character, Sonu Gowda emotes well and scores a few brownie points. Rachita Ram plays an impactful character and helps in conveying R Chandru’s idea.

Coming to the technicalities, music is a disappointment in this movie. Catchy songs are absent and for a movie of this kind, the songs could have helped the flick become more effective. Cinematography is in line with the plot while the editor has impressed with his effort.

Overall, I Love You is definitely not a path-breaking movie but if the India-Pakistan game gets rain-washed on Sunday, this flick could help you complete your weekend.