Having already created a storm by exceeding all our expectations with an exceptional trailer that released a few days ago, the makers of Shivaji Surathkal could be aiming at more than just being a successful movie at the box-office. If things go well, this movie could turn out to be a trendsetting one in Sandalwood that might change the direction of our industry. Hence, when this movie releases in a few more days, it would be our responsibility to support this interesting attempt.

As seen across the country these days, the notion of the lead protagonist being an youngster who eventually falls in love is slowly diminishing away. Nowadays, the lead character has a well-defined role and this does not necessarily mean that he/she is a always on the younger side. The success of the Amazon Prime show ‘The Family Man’ is a proof of the same. By doing this, filmmakers can expirement more with the story, thereby leading to better content on the big-screen. Well, if Shivaji Surathkal attains success in cinemas, our industry could also get into the right-track in this aspect.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe, Rangitaranga & a few other movie have set benchmark in the thriller genre in the last decade. In recent years‌, apart from Kavaludari, we have been missing out on well-made thrillers. If Ramesh Aravind’s next can impress the audience, this movie will also fall in this genre.

Apart from these factors, there are plenty of other reasons which suggest that if Shivaji Surathkal succeeds at the box-office‌, it will not only be a good news to the makers but also to Sandalwood in general.