Prashanth Neel’s KGF has attained cult status amongst the cinema-viewing citizens of India. The film has generated a lot of curiosity for Chapter 2 and here are 5 things the audience would love to watch in the movie.

1. Yash as a 75-year-old sporting a salt and pepper look

Considering Rocky was close to his 30s when he killed Garuda, he would have entered his 70s by now. There has been no clue given regarding Rocky’s death in the second part and hence, it would be pure goosebumps to watch Yash sport a rugged look in Chapter 2 albeit with a tinge of white in it.

2. A promise that we could expect a Chapter-3 in the franchise

Although KGF has been announced to be a 2-part movie, the craze and hype surrounding the Yash-starrer could prompt the makers to go for yet another chapter. The story does have scope for an extension and the audience would be thrilled if Chapter-3 is announced in KGF Chapter-2

3. English settlements explored in KGF

Not many know that KGF was earlier known as “Little England” due to high English and Anglo-Indian influence. A few parts in KGF are still named after English names and hence, this would be an interesting facet to explore in the second part. Imagine a white antagonist taking on Rocky. It would be enthralling!

4. Another strong female character

Prashant Neel conceived 3 good female characters in Srinidhi Shetty, Rocky’s mother and Malavika. A stronger female character in the lines of Bahubali’s Sivagami would make the Chapter-2 more interesting.

5. More scenes involving the lead-pair

The first part had a few interesting scenes between the lead couple which left us asking for more. The 2nd half of the Chapter-1 did not see the lead pair seeing each other and hence, their combination of scenes are highly expected in the sequel.