There is a certain buzz surrounding the movie ‘Garuda’. Launched in 2017, the movie is finally getting to see the light of the day as the makers of the flick are preparing for the release soon. Starring Siddharth Mahesh, Srinagara Kitty, Aindrita Rai and Ashika Ranganath in lead roles, the movie has been directed by popular choreographer Dhanakumar K.

The trailer of the movie has been released and here is how he felt while watching the 151-second video.

A Solid Storyline


From the word go, you are led directly into the thick of the story and as the trailer progresses, the director evokes interest by touching upon several issues, thereby making it for a satisfying and a wholesome watch for the entire duration of the trailer.

A Character-Based Screenplay?


Apart from the major actors, there are plenty of other characters introduced in the trailer. Well, this might interest the audience who are waiting for a character-based drama on the big screen.

Racy BGM


After composing for India’s Oscar entry Gully Boy, Raghu Dixit’s next assignment in Sandalwood is this movie. Apart from entertaining with his racy BGM, the talented individual has also donned the greasepaint for this movie.

Srinagara Kitty is back!


Unfortunately, such a talented actor like Kitty has so far been unable to cement his place in Sandalwood. Well, with Garuda, this could happen soon as the actor impresses with his terrific screen-presence in a cop role in the trailer.

The hint of ‘Garuda’


A shot at the beginning and another at the end has been devoted to the ‘Garuda’. Although we are not very clear about its significance, Dhanakumar might have weaved a story in a ‘bird’s perspective’. Interesting, isn’t it? Alas! Only the release of the movie can provide an answer to this question.

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