Karnataka is one of the very few states in India which boasts of having more than one prominent language being spoken within the state. Apart from Kannada, we have Tulu and Kodava which are also used within our state. Hence, naturally, we have movies made in all the languages. However, Kannada movies represent the movie industry of Karnataka, also called as Sandalwood. Bengaluru is Sandalwood’s capital with most of the Kannada movies being initiated from here.

However, despite possessing a varied geographical distribution in our state, most of the Kannada films are usually set in Bangalore. Although the story and budget issues could come under consideration while discussing the location of the shoot, it is indeed unfortunate that a number of beautiful locations and towns across the state are yet to be explored on the movie screen.

Barring a few movies here and there which are set in Mysore, Kodagu, Mandya and Mangalore, hardly any movies have their stories set in places apart from Bangalore. The time has now surely arrived to set our movies across the state.

Firstly, Karnataka is a diverse state with cultures different in all the districts. There is a huge potential for this aspect to be tapped in to write better stories which can be made into movies. For instance, more movies set in North Karnataka, Udupi or Coorg will offer their own textures thereby elevating the impact of the movie.

Karnataka is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful looking states in India. Rather than choosing these locations only for shooting a few songs, if they become a part of the story in movies, it would make us enjoy the locations on the big screen and will also give a different perspective to the movie itself.

Choosing a particular city or a town as the place where a movie happens may sometimes necessitate an actor or an artist from that particular locality. Although Sandalwood does possess talents who come from all over the state, actually shooting movies in different cities may help a few unknown talents emerge into the limelight. This would definitely increase the talent pool of Sandalwood.

Sandalwood is a growing market and needs some more time to become a more profitable industry like our neighbours. It is not a secret that our films have lesser penetration in the rural areas which has, in turn, affected our market. The major reason for that has been due to the loss of the relativity factor for our rural citizens. Not all would be excited by a movie set in Bangalore and hence, if we set our movies across the state, our films could actually do better.

There are a number of reasons why Sandalwood needs to look beyond Bengaline while setting their movies in the future and it is time that we start doing that.