Usually, we acclaim and love heroes which we see onscreen. But, none ponders the actual hero, who buckles down day and night for the betterment of a film. Yes, we’re discussing the man impulse we call as Skipper Of The Ship, and he is none other than the Director. He is the maker. He knows each moment thing that makes people glad. On the off chance that the movie does great business in the box-office, most of the credit must be given to the Director, unfortunately, it isn’t happening in the present scenario.

With regards to Sandalwood, when contrasted with neighbouring industries, our audiences don’t give much significance to our directors. Just a portion of the Directors of Sandalwood has star-level popularity. Like Tollywood, a portion of the Sandalwood directors can convey audiences to theatres just by their names. Just a couple of directors have made movies that crossed half a billion at the B.O.

However, here’s a rundown of directors, who figured out how to convey most elevated grosser films in Kannada. Crawl down totally to know them all.

Santhosh Anandram


Santhosh is the box-office ruler among alternate directors of Sandalwood. Both of his directed movies have created a storm at the box-office. His debut directorial venture, ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’ has earned Rs 50 crores.

In the debut movie, he earned 50 crores and figured out how to break his own record in his second directorial venture. His second film with Puneet Rajkumar, titled ‘Rajakumara’ has earned Rs 75 crores. It is the first film to mark the most astounding netting Kannada film.

Yograj Bhat


The notoriety of ‘Mungaru Male’ in Sandalwood has not yet decreased. The film has made a considerable measure of records in its name. The movie, directed by Yogaraj Bhat has made 50 crores. The film is considered as a brilliant thing in Yogaraj Bhat’s profession.

Duniya Suri


Duniya Suri, the magnum opus in making incredible screenplays, has given numerous super hit movies. Puneet Rajkumar and Suri combinations’ ‘Doddamane Huduga’ was the fifth most astounding netting film, had gathered a total of 40 crores.

Rishab Shetty


Kirik Party is the most recent blockbuster hit film in Kannada. The movie has earned about Rs. 50 crores at the box-office. This college story is directed by Rishab Shetty, won the hearts of youthful personalities. The film changed the destiny of Rishab, as well as the destiny of many.

Real Star Upendra


Uppi’s past directorial movie ‘Uppi 2’ had earned Rs 40 crores at the box-office. And, it’s obvious to earn such a sum since it’s directed by Real Star Upendra.