Critic’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

It has been a while since a good women-centric movie has graced the screens in Karnataka. However, with the trailer of Devaki, many believed Sandalwood would break the drought with the release of this movie. Directed by Lohith and starring Priyanka Upendra, Devaki is the duo’s second film together after Mummy Save me which released a few years ago. Devaki also marks the debut of Upendra and Priyanka’s daughter Aishwarya Upendra in Sandalwood. With so much expectations riding on the movie, let us now find out of the flick did well at the theatres.

The plot of the movie is straightforward. A single mother’s daughter goes missing and this is followed by a series of events which sees the mother go in search of her child amidst coming across the brutalities of child-trafficking and prostitution. However, it is Lohith’s screenplay which makes this movie one of the best to have been made in recent times in Sandalwood.

The director experiments with a non-linear structure and succeeds in his attempt. He does conceive an engaging screenplay which is sure to give you the required thrills at the theatre.

Priyanka Upendra shows why she is an actress who is capable of carrying the bandwagon of female-oriented movies in Kannada. Her struggles as a mother who is searching for her daughter has been portrayed emphatically on screen. This movie could well end up securing her a slew of awards. Aishwarya Upendra also impresses with her terrific screen presence. Rest of the cast, including Kishore, have done well.

Cinematography is an asset to this movie. Kolkata has been shown in a realistic way which would leave you wanting for more. Songs and BGM helps the director in generating the necessary impact. Editing is fine.

Overall, Devaki is a must-watch match for Kannada film lovers this weekend. With a strong emotional connect blended in a thrilling screenplay, Devaki is sure to be a winner at the box-office.