On the occasion of the auspicious Varamahalakshmi Festival, the team of Avane Srimannarayana has released a new poster on Friday. Of course, being a ladies festival, it is the heroine of the movie Shanvi Srivastava who dominates in the poster. She is clad in a goddess avatar and is seen radiating a halo, a still which has definitely impressed the audience.

However, movie buffs have begun to analyze the poster and are pointing towards a number of clues left intentionally/un-intentionally by the makers revealing a few vital pieces of information about the movie. Here are a few of them which fell upon our eyes.

1. Lakshmi Studios

We can clearly notice the words “Lakshmi Studios” in the poster and based on the depiction of Shanvi Srivatsava as the goddess ‘Lakshmi’ in the poster, this photo studio does seem to be owned by the heroine in the movie. However, a few stills from Teaser 1 & 2 points to the fact that Shanvi could be playing a journalist in this movie. Then, that does leave us with a curious question as to what could be the Heroine’s role in the movie.

2. The Clipped Photographs

If you can notice closely, there are photographs of all the prominent characters in the movie clipped in the studio. Rakshit Shetty, Balaji Manohar, Achyut Kumar, and Pramod Shetty are all seen in these photographs. Taking a closer look, we can find Raghu Ramanakoppa also in one of the photographs. Well, the hat he is wearing is in the photo is different and seems to have significance in the story. However, the presence of ‘only’ these characters in the photographs and the motive behind these photographs in the studio belonging to the heroine does arise many questions.

3. The Reference of Lakshmi Goddess

The fact that a “Lakshmi Goddess” reference is used in this movie leads us to believe that there could plenty of underlying layers in the movie. It is unclear if the ‘reference of Lakshmi Goddess’ is just for the poster or if there is some relevance to it in the movie.

Going by the teaser and our analysis of this poster, this for sure seems like an epic adventure film.