As Vijay Devarakonda says in the movie, anyone who stays ‘through thick and thin’ in your life can be called a ‘Comrade’. Although this idea seems to be forced in the movie, Vijay’s rebellious character does justify the title at times.

Directed by Bharath Kamma, Dear Comrade is one of the first big-budget movies to have a simultaneous release in Kannada as well. Also starring Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead here is the first impression of the movie which has hit the screens this Friday amidst monumental expectations.

Dear Comrade is basically 2-3 stories integrated into one. While the first act sees Bobby and Lilly fall in love, their break-up leads to the second act which happens at a different timeline after 3 years. Here, we see Bobby help Lilly come out of depression and eventually guide her to eliminating the demons of the workplace in her mind. All through this while, Bobby’s anger-issues and Lilly’s profession- Cricket act as the main instigators.

Bharath decided to take up a social issue which needs to be resolved very soon. Weaving it around an entertaining plot, he does succeed to an extent. However, the disjointed screenplay along with a long narrative plays the spoilsport at times.

Vijay is an absolute beast when it comes to acting and with Dear Comrade, he takes his skills to a higher notch. Rashmika has worked hard on playing a cricketer and with her character taking numerous twists and turns, it can indeed be said that this performance is her best till date.

Justin Prabhakaran’s music is an instant-success and his BGM lifts many scenes in the movie. Dear Comrade is basically a visual poem on screen and the credit needs to be given to the fantastic cinematography.

Overall, although it might not reach your expectations, Dear Comrade can be watched this weekend.