Radhika Kumaraswamy is an under-rated actress in Sandalwood. Having previously been involved in a few star-hero movies, Radhika is now solely concentrating on female-oriented stories in the industry. She has previously impressed in horror subjects and in her upcoming movie ‘Damayanti’, the talented actress has yet again picked a similar character.

The makers have released the teaser of the movie and here is how the short video-clip panned out.

Decent Production Values


Early in the teaser, the makers establish the ‘Horror Element’ with a few regular jump shots that are employed in such movies. However, what impressed us is the decent production values that could be seen in the teaser despite the makers having a relatively lower market to exploit.

An able antagonist


It is unfortunate that Bhajarangi Loki is finding limited opportunities in the industry. He seems to be the main antagonist in this movie and will be one of the top reasons to watch the movie.

Impressive BGM


RS Ganesh Narayan has composed the music and he impresses with the BGM that he has used in the teaser. It helps in settling the mood of the audience and giving a few scares!



Yes. A lot of factors seem cliched in the teaser. Starting from the dialogues to the sets, most of these troupes are generally used in a horror movie.



A lot of movies could come to your mind after watching the teaser of Damayanti; with Arundhati likely to be the first one in the list.


This flick could be important for her and going by the teaser, she seems to have done the hard work preparing for the role and will be the USP of this movie.