Radhika Kumaraswamy is back to her forte. The talented actor’s upcoming movie Damayanthi will fall into the horror-comedy category, something that might excite her fans. Navarasan is directing this movie while Ganesh Narayan is composing the music.

The teaser of the movie was released a few weeks ago and was received well by the audience. A few hours ago, Challenging Star Darsan released the trailer of the movie.

Here is the first impression of this video:

A Slew of Talented Actors

With Radhika Kumaraswamy at the forefront, the trailer introduced the slew of talented actors who are a part of this movie. Bhajrangi Loki, Sadu Kokila and Tabla Nani are the other prominent members of the star-cast.

A Solid Revenge Story at the Core

The trailer focuses on the solid revenge story between Radhika Kumaraswamy and Bhajarangi Loki. The entire proceedings seem to focus on the conflict. With such powerhouse performers at the center of it, we can surely expect a phenomenon in front of the big screen.

Horror-Comedy Fans. This movie is for you

Yes. All the fans of this genre are likely to line up in front of the theatres on the day of ‘Damayanathi’s’ release. Horror-Comedy genre is rare in Sandalwood and hence, the trailer which has shades of such a format is likely to make a big impact.

Top-Notch Production Values

This is the most impressive thing about the trailer. The makers have not compromised on the production values, leaving behind crisp visuals and rich filmmaking tone to the trailer and the movie.