Horror-Comedy is a relatively scarce genre in Sandalwood. Hence, if a movie falling into this category comes once in a while, the lovers of this genre usually do get interested. Cashing on this, the makers of Damayanthi casted Radhika Kumaraswamy, Bhajarangi Loki and many comedians in their movie and installed a horror setting to woo the moviegoers. Did they become successful in their attempt? Let us find out in the below review.

A haunted bungalow and a good-looking woman with a spirit inside her. Add to this a few comedians : the template is all set. In Damayanthi too, the template is followed while the presence of Bhajarangi Loki gives it a touch of ‘Arundhati’. The plot & proceedings do keep you active.

The story triggers a ‘Deja Vu’ feeling while the scares & the jokes seem all too familiar. The makers have stuck to a formula and this could have a backfiring impact on them at the box-office. A bit more novelty & we could have had a decent product on our hands.

Radhika looks good and does well in two different shades of her role. Loki is brilliant while the other comedians do a decent job.

Although technically the movie is not underpar, audience could be left asking for more at the end of the movie. As mentioned earlier, a bit more novelty would have done the trick.

Editing is a concern here. The flick is overlong and could test your patience.

Overall, this movie is a safe attempt and whether not taking a risk would pay off or not for the makers is left to the audience.

Rating : 3