Although on a steady note, the dubbing market in Sandalwood is slowly opening up. While movies such as Dear Comrade and SyeRaa Narsimha Reddy released in Kannada, the excitement to watch a Hindi movie dubbed into Kannada is enormous. Especially if it is a Salman Khan movie, the excitement multiplies. Add it to the fact that our very own Kichcha Sudeep is playing the main antagonist, Dabangg 3 has a good chance of becoming the first dubbed movie to score big at the Sandalwood Box-Office. Anup Bhandari’s lyrics and Gurudutt Ganiga’s dialogues are one more reason why this flick can be a hit in Kannada.

The trailer of this movie released a few hours ago and here is what we felt about the 201-second video.

Chulbul Pandey is back! for the first time in Kannada

Salman Khan’s most successful franchise, Dabangg is now ready with its third part. This time around, Chulbul Pandey will arrive in front of the fans speaking Kannada too. Salman looks to have done a fantastic job in this movie, as his antics in the trailer were very impressive.

Kichcha Sudeep – This man just does not disappoint

Well, how can we describe the happiness in seeing this man yet again on the big screen. Salman’s battle is definitely not easy in this movie, as it will be our very own Sudeep who will be fighting against him in this one.

A Sequel & Prequel together?

Well, this seems to be an interesting try. While there is a thread of continuation about the franchise, Dabangg 3 also has a story on what made Chulbul Pandey the man he is now.

Action, Comedy, Drama & Romance

And Many more… The trailer of Dabangg 3 caters to multiple sects of audience, promising a wholesome entertainer this December. It will be a treat to end our year on a high with this movie.

Salman’s determination ?

The actor’s attempt at Kannada might seem unsatisfactory for us, but to speak out dialogues in an entirely unknown language in such a short time is definitely worth a shout. To be honest, we are impressed with his effort.