D/o Parvathamma


An investigative officer Vaidehi is investigating a sensational and challenging murder case, which has many layers. Will Vaidehi be able to crack this case or just end up landing in various adventures?


Drama, Action

Release Date:

24 May 2019

Starring: Hariprriya, Sumalatha Ambareesh

Director: Shankar J

Producer: Shashidhar K.M

Music: Midhun Mukundan

Cinematographer: Arul K Somasundaram

Doctor Ahalya is found dead on Ring Road in Bengaluru. She is murdered but there is also a hint that it could be a suicide. The police are unable to crack the case. Hence, CID officer Vaidehi (Hariprriya) is put on the job. Vaidehi is the daughter of Parvathamma (Sumalatha Ambareesh). When the case is handed over to Vaidehi, she goes to the cemetery and offers prayers to her ex-boyfriend Ananthu (Suraj Gowda). Cut to a flashback where Hariprriya is a college girl. She then gets on track with the Ahalya case only to be distracted by the owner of a cake shop Rajesh (Prabhu Mundkur). She gets back to case again and then gets ready to marry Rajesh. 

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