Ever since the announcement of this movie, one thing that has been intriguing the audience has been the title of this flick. Christened as ‘Vrithra’, not many deciphered the actual meaning of this word. However, with the flick all set to release on October 11th, we felt it might just be about the right time to give you more details about the meaning of this word.

The word ‘Vrithra’ has a mythological reference to it. As described in Wikipedia, according to Vedic religion, Vrithra is a serpent or a dragon is considered as the personification of drought and an adversary of Indra. In the Vedas, Vrithra appeared as a dragon blocking the course of rivers.

Well, the meaning of this word does go deep and apart from the image of a serpent on a book that Nithya Shri gets hold of in the trailer, we do not have much idea about the reference to ‘Vrithra’ in the movie. Answers though can be found out on October 11th in theatres across Karnataka.