Sandalwood actor-director Rakshit Shetty is currently busy shooting ‘777 Charlie,’ has completed shooting for ‘Avane Srimannarayana’. Meanwhile, he has taken up a new project titled ‘Punyakoti’. The upcoming film directed by Rakshit Shetty, he will be giving a human face to the legendary tale about the honest cow and hungry tiger. This will be his second directorial venture after Ulidavaru Kandante. He arrived at the idea of retelling the legendary tale of Punyakoti in as many languages as possible.

“If the film is good, there is a possibility of taking the film across the globe,” says the actor-director, who is yet to decide whether it will be done under Paramvah Studios.

It was said that Rakshit is very excited about this project. The whole concept is in my mind, yet to put the same on the paper, he adds. Almost the same team of Avane Srimannarayana will be working on Punyakoti. The first announcement in this regard is that music director Charan Raj and cinematographer Karm Chawla are on board for the film who is hoping to take the project on floors by October 2019.