Released on February 15th 2019, Bell Bottom has gone on to become one of the finest movies made in Sandalwood. The movie has recently crossed 125 days at the theatres and an event has been arranged to celebrate the milestone.

Directed by the talented Jayatheertha, this movie was produced by Santhosh Kumar KC under Golden Horse Cinema banner. Also starring Beauty Queen Haripriya, Beauty Queen marked the on-screen debut of popular director Rishab Shetty in a full-length role. The movie also boasted of some fine supporting artistes in Achyuth Kumar and Pramod Shetty. Director Yograj Bhat was also seen playing a crucial role in this movie.

The movie had an investigative story at the core of it but the comical sequences and the retro setting changed the texture of the movie thereby providing a unique experience to the audience. Jayatheertha managed to convey his vision emphatically in an engaging way. The water-tight screenplay and memorable dialogues also worked in the movie’s favour.

Bell Bottom had few of talented minds in the industry working for it. B Ajaneesh Lokanath yet again proved why he is one of the most talented music composers in our state. Aravind Kashyap managed to take us back to the 1980’s with his impressive framings and choice of colors. K M Prakash also did a fine job as the editor of the flick.

In Rishab Shetty and Haripriya, the director managed to forge one of the most memorable combinations in the industry. While Haripriya was at her usual best, Rishab did a fantastic job of portraying his role in his first movie as a hero. Both the actors also convinced us with their retro looks and costumes.

All these factors have led Bell Bottom to become one of the highest grosser of this year. In a time when a movie’s run at the theatres is usually limited, Bell Bottom has managed to exceed expectations by running close to 4 months at the theatres. It is indeed a special milestone and to celebrate it, a special event has been organized at the Bowring Institute. All the members of the movie will be in attendance at this event.

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