It is hard to describe the emotions of an entire team, which has been at their hardworking best for 3 long years when their product is finally in front of the audience. And that day finally arrived on November 28th, 2019. The trailer of Avane Srimannarayana, the answer to Sandalwood’s 3 year- wait for Rakshit Shetty, was dropped across 5 languages on this day.

For a movie that has nothing but positivity surrounding all around, the trailer became a massive hit amongst the netizens. We were not spared too, as the moment the trailer was dropped, we knew that a blockbuster was written all over it.

On that note, here is our minute-to-minute breakdown of this spectacular trailer.

The First 60 Seconds

As the credits roll down, we are first given the glimpse of the setting of this story. Barren land with almost no sight of green, the ‘Yellow’ Font signalling ‘A Fictional Town in South India’ confirms where the majority of this movie will be based in. Next up, there seems to roof under which the goons of the town frequent in. Here is where the ‘knock on the door’ brings us to the most important moment of the trailer – The Entry of Rakshit Shetty. A Few Intelligent Shots reveal the quirky angle of Rakshit’s character and they are then followed up by the Hero’s dialogue. This dialogue, apart from taking us forward in the trailer, also gives a hint about the story.

In the first 60 seconds, B Ajaneesh Lokanath’s catchy BGM and a surprise shot of Detective Divakara from Bell Bottom are the main cliffhangers.

The Next Minute

The next 30 seconds, until the phrase ‘Eeglinda Kathe Shuru’, establishes the main conflict of the story. Vital characters Balaji Manohar and Pramod Shetty are introduced while ‘The Lost Loot’ suggests what the movie could be all about.

Later, heroine Shanvi Srivatsava is introduced too. Hereon, the main focus is on Rakshit’s character. His sense of humour along with Rakshit’s antics as a ‘cop’ is shown here. Pramod Shetty is re-introduced, albeit with a hint of grey in his head. This suggests that the story of ASN could span a few decades.

120 to 180

The crux of the trailer’s intention lies in this phase. Rakshit Shetty immerses himself in the case of ‘The Lost Loot’ as he uncovers a series of ‘players’ and ‘clues’ in search of the hidden treasure. There are plenty of ‘factors’ shown in this short duration, leaving us with the question as to where the story could head towards. Later on in this segment, Rakshit’s character attains a serious tone, with seemingly a personal angle introduced into the story of ‘The Lost Loot’. Rakshit’s rise against evil starts right here.

The Final Minute + 14 Seconds

Action dominates the first part of this segment. Going by the stunts performed by Rakshit, action-lovers can expect a treat this December. Ajaneesh’s BGM yet again makes a solid impact here.

As we head into the final few seconds, Rakshit’s last dialogue in the trailer draws a question – ‘Yaaravanu?’, to which, as we all know, the obvious answer is Avane Srimannarayana as the title card is drawn down. The last sequence, involving Rakshit’s expression on being disappointed on getting a Biryani, is hilarious and lightly ends the trailer.

Overall, the trailer of ASN has been cut brilliantly with the hard-work of every department coming to the forefront. At the end of this year, India is surely in for a treat and we just cannot contain the excitement about this flick.