June 6th 2019 is a day to remember. While Rakshit Shetty turns 36 on this day, the talented actor is also back to social media after a long hiatus of 1 year. Most importantly, the Teaser-2 of Rakshit’s next flick Avane Srimannarayana has been released on June 6th. Teaser-1 was a massive hit and let us now check out if the second teaser impressed the netizens.

While the first teaser introduced us to the world of Avane Srimannaryana, Teaser 2 reveals a little about the story and the characters thereby increasing the expectations surrounding the movie.

Teaser 2 starts off introducing Balaji Mohan’s character in the movie. He probably plays the main antagonist and Sachin has shown him in a series of shots with the tone of a majority of the frames being dark-grey in colour.

Avane Srimannarayana Teaser 2 Review

The BGM has been handled well and delivers a thunderous impact on the outcome. Achyuth Kumar’s background voice is interesting and does well in carrying the teaser to its ultimate payoff – Rakshit’s entry.

While Rakshit’s jovial and witty angle was explored in the first Teaser, the second Teaser shows about the side of Srimannaryana which is sure to make the mass audience go crazy in the theatres. He lights his cigar of a wooden log and this is probably the best shot of the teaser. The lead character’s attitude is visible and justifies the tag of the Teaser – Rise of A Hero.