Finally, after a 3-year long wait, Rakshit Shetty – The Simple Star, is back on the big screen. And for all of us who had been waiting with bated breath, he has truly given us a marvel to remember.

Releasing across the world in Kannada language today, Avane Srimannarayana had been subject to intense promotions and, thanks to the well-carved trailer, the expectations for this movie had been set high.

Keeping in line with this, the movie, at over 3-hours is extremely entertaining and suspenseful, both at the same time. Coming to the story of this flick, the movie is centred around the subject of a ‘hidden treasure’. A feudal lord dies and with him, he sets the objective for two of his sons to find this ‘treasure’. A few years later, when a quirky cop named Srimannarayana enters the scene, the story takes a new dimension. What happens later, until this ‘case’ is resolved forms the crux of the plot.

From the direction to the plot, the makers have given a ‘Western’ touch, which has added a layer and texture to the proceedings. Even the hero’s character looks to have been sketched keeping in mind, some of the classic Hollywood roles. All of this just leads to one thing – a unique and never-before-seen experience to the audience.

Rakshit is at his best in this movie. While his quirky side entertains all, the actor’s action-avatar triggers a few whistles in the front rows. And for his dance moves, the whole theatre explodes.

Balaji Manohar, Achyuth Kumar, Shanvi and Pramod Shetty get solid characters to play and all of them excel in their responsibilities. Especially Shanvi, with her dubbing she impresses the moviegoers.

Technically, the movie is on a different level. While music by B Ajaneesh Lokanath and Charan Raj is catchy, the BGM also helps the movie very much. Karm Chawal visuals are pleasing and Sachin must be given credit for extracting best from the team.

To weave such a story with a lot of intriguing elements, the writers, The Seven Odds deserve a special mention here.

Overall, for the year-end, this movie is the perfect entertainer and beyond it too, ASN is likely to be remembered long by Sandalwood.