Ragini Dwivedi is one of the very few Sandalwood actresses who gained immense popularity right at the beginning of their careers. The Punjab-born tall and talented actress is now gearing up for the release of her next flick Adhyaksha-2 and is also serving as the brand ambassador of the Karnataka Premier League. Here are a few excerpts from one of her latest interview with popular anchor Anushree on her YouTube channel.

It Happened by Chance

Anchor Anushree

Ragini Dwivedi revealed that she never wanted to be an actress. She desired to either be an international sportsperson or serve in the National Service like IPS or IAS. Like her father, Ragini also wanted to join the army. However, modelling happened by a chance and here she is now as one of the leading actresses in the industry.

I did not know who Sudeep was…

Rragini Dwivedi

Sudeep’s Veera Madakari was Ragini’s debut movie in Sandalwood. Revealing what went on behind her getting this role, Ragini revealed that she was not aware of Sudeep when she first went to meet him.

Anything happens when you are Sudeep!


Sudeep is Ragini’s first co-actor and director in the movie industry. Ragini praised Sudeep’s work ethics on the set and said she was still surprised by Kichcha’s multi-tasking abilities in the location.

A Record Held by only Ragini in the country

Raagini Dwivedi

Ragini revealed that Ragini IPS was one of the most memorable movies in her career. She enjoyed while shooting it and is proud of the fact that she is the first actress in the entire country to have a film that they have acted in to be named after her.