When newcomers and low-budget flicks start dishing out quality content on the screen, it can be assumed that any movie industry is in the right direction. Well, it seems Sandalwood is on the right track and the upcoming movie ‘Lungi’ could be an example of the same.

A few days ago, the makers of ‘Lungi’ released the trailer of the movie and truth be told, the movie has all the right ingredients to become a trendsetting movie in Sandalwood. Here is why we think so…


Karnataka is an amalgamation of various languages and vivid cultures, an aspect that has been less exploited in our movies so far. Set in the coastal regions of Udupi and Mangalore, Lungi sees the majority of characters speaking in the typical Mangalorean accent of Kannada, which could motivate the upcoming filmmakers to employ a similar strategy in their upcoming movies. Not only would our movies become multidimensional, but this could also spur a revolution that none of the other industries in our country can offer.

Multi-genre movies are rare in Sandalwood and with flicks such as Lungi set to hit the screens soon, this barren drought could get addressed in the coming days in our industry. Apart from being a quirky romantic comedy, Lungi promises the story of the rise of a startup, a plot that has surely not been done before in Kannada.

Apart from these factors, there are plenty of elements within the trailer of ‘Lungi’ which suggest that this movie has success written all over it and it is now time to mark October 11th in our calendars.