Yet another interesting movie has joined thequeue of films wanting to end this important decade of Sandalwood on a high. Aravind Sastry, who had a rollercoaster directorial debut with Kahi a few years ago has directed Alidu Ulidavaru, which has Ashu Bedra, Sangeetha Bhatt, Pawan Kumar and Atul Kulkarni in prominent roles.

A couple of days ago, Rakshit Shetty unveiled the first-look poster of this movie. Today, the trailer of the flick was released on YouTube and going by the first view, it seems we have a winner on our hands.

The rest are extinct

Nope, it’s not a phrase that has been coined by us. ‘The rest are extinct’ is the direct Google translation of the title of this movie. The trailer is as intriguing as the title – Alidu Ulidavaru.

A Tale of Contrasts

This seems to be the assumption from our end on watching the trailer. The director has utilized plenty of phrases at the start of the video in this regard. There is a reason each face of the coin is inscribed in the way it has been engraved and Aravind Sastry looks to have weaved his plot around this aspect.

Matte Nodbeka?

Yes! A short dialogue at the climax of the trailer reflects our feeling perfectly at that moment. If observed closely, the trailer follows a clear graph which seems to have a correlation with the three acts of the movie. To actually find out more about this, ‘Trailer Matte Nodlebeku!’.

A touch of reality

Every belief is a story. In the current era, media has a powerful role in establishing this belief. Now what if this story turns out to be a cooked one? Could this be happening in reality as well? For answers, not the trailer of the movie, you have no option but to count the days for the release of this movie.

A Bucketful of Talented Actors

Headlined by Atul Kulkarni himself, the trailer also introduces Sangeetha Bhatt and Pawan Kumar in important characters. Ashu Bedra, after a successful stint in television looks to be tailor-made for a great outing on the big screen.