Arvind Sastry’s Kahi received wide acclaim a few years ago, including a State Award. The talented filmmaker is back with his second offering, titled Alidu Ulidavaru, which has hit the screens this Friday. Touted to be a psychological thriller, the movie promised a different kind of experience at the theatres. Now that the movie is already in front of the audience, let us find out if ‘Alidu Ulidavaru’ did provide a ‘unique’ experience to the moviegoers.

The trailer and the posters gave us an idea about the what the movie could be all about, but the facts were never established. Hence, you would definitely be surprised by what you will see at the cinemas.

This movie has a lot of paranormal elements, all of which have been dealt in way never experimented before. The thriller & suspense angle too gets a look-in although the ‘Horror’ factor takes the centre stage.

That said, the movie never tries to follow the troupes set by these genres. Arvind has given his own take on this genre, with a very engaging story set in the middle of it. This attempt is definitely a clever one and deserves appreciation.

Performances need to be highlighted in this flick. In his very first movie, Ashu Bedra impresses with his effortless portrayal of a complicated role. Sangeetha Bhatt, Pawan Kumar & Atul Kulkarni make a statement too.

BGM is an asset for this movie. They elevate many of the scenes and help in the effective communication of the story. Editing is crisp and the short run-time adds to the experience.

Overall, this movie is indeed a brilliant try & although it is a tight Sandalwood weekend, this flick just cannot be missed at the theatres.