Sandalwood is a tough place to survive. Years of hard work and plenty of determination might still not be able to guarantee success for an aspirant. This especially holds good for the actors. Convincing people to spend their hard-earned money on a ticket to see you on big screen is a difficult task. Although you could achieve this at times, doing it on a consistent basis is something only very few master.

On the other hand, time is eluding a few actors of a proper success which is keeping them away from entering the big league. Just one hit and these talented individuals could achieve stardom in the industry.

Here are 3 such artistes who are just one hit away from registering themselves as bankable actors in Sandalwood.

1. Diganth

Diganth was at the centre of a few hit films at the start of his career. Be it Manasaare, Pancharangi or Gaalipata, Diganth never disappointed his fans on the big screen. In last year’s Katheyondu Shuruvagide too, he mesmerized the audience with his looks, choice of script and acting skills. Just one big box-office hit and with his capabilities, Diganth could enter the star-league very easily.

2. Dhananjaya

‘Daali’ Dhananjay’s acting skills are unquestionable as he has proved it a number of times in the past. He is a genuine entertainer and if he can click in one movie as a solo hero, the rise of a very special actor in Sandalwood could begin.

3. Anish

Apart from a few good hits at the beginning of his career, Anish has recently impressed the audience with his performance in Akira and Vaasu Naan Pakka Commercial. He is a good dancer and does well in the action scenes too. Anish has got a terrific screen presence and mass-audience could fall in love with him if the right content goes up on the big screen. A solid hit and this man could well be the next big thing in our industry.