Yes, if every remake that happens in Sandalwood follows the same template that Shiva Ganesh has followed in Aa Drushya, our industry can actually make more business with this ‘technique’. Sleeper-hit Dhruvangal Pathinaaru received wide acclaim in Tamil Nadu a few years ago. This weekend, Sandalwood has been treated to its own version of the movie, with V Ravichandran as the lead protagonist.

Screenplay & playing with the audience’s expectations. Shiva Ganesh has excelled in both these aspects. While he drops plenty of twists now and then in the movie, his ability to surprise the audience each time he does is what stands out. Basically a ‘whodunit’, until the end of the movie, the thinking hats are sure to be omnipresent on your heads.

Aa Drushya is a movie about the post-retirement life of a cop, along with the ‘case’ which led to his retirement. Ravichandran did well in both these portions and it is high time that the ‘Sandalwood Rasika’ makes more such attempts going forward. He looks good on screen and his performance is brilliant and dominates the entire proceedings. There are plenty of other actors too, all of whom have done a fine job.

Music is important in such movies. In Aa Drushya, this aspect has been taken care of by gripping BGM. Cinematography is an asset while editing is a big positive for this movie.

Sandalwood is in dire need of quality movies and with one such at the theatres now, we ought to follow our roads to the theatres.