Years of hard work and weeks of determination might sometimes not guarantee success for someone who wants to make it big in the filmy biz. Let alone success, a few fail to even showcase their talent on the big screen.

In such a sensitive industry that this is, it takes monumental effort for one to deliver a product to the audience. And once it goes on to the big screen, the futures of these skilfull individuals lies in the hands of the viewers.

Gone are those days when the word of mouth used to have a real impact on the performance of a movie. In the current era, the digitalized people that we are, our dependency on the ratings of a movie on ticketing websites has increased.

Hence, for any movie to have a good run at the box-office, it is necessary that the ratings & the reviews of this movie must be decent on these ticketing platforms.

However, here is one mafia that is trying to exploit this aspect of business in the industry.

Usually, a call is made to the makers of any new movie on the day of its release. The makers are then made to agree on a package that would see the ratings of their movie increase on these websites.

Most of the producers in our industry do not pay heed to this. However, according to the latest developments, if the makers do not respond to these calls, they are then warned that the ratings of their movies would intentionally go down on these websites. And in reality, this mafia has already affected many in the industry.

We all know that the genuine ratings of a movie on the ticketing applications directly affect the movie’s run at the box-office. Hence, when this is exploited by others for their greed, the industry is bound to suffer.

All we can do now is to hope that our Film Chamber would take appropriate steps to curb this mafia.

Here is a package offered by this ‘Mafia’ on the day of a movie release;