Sequels have suddenly become the order of the day for filmmakers. Sandalwood is not far behind as we have seen a number of sequels such as Mungaru Male 2, Rambo 2, Jogayya and Kotigibba 2 hit the theatres in recent times. KGF Chapter 2 and Gaalipata 2 are also getting made which could make an impact on other directors to make more sequels.

On that note, here is a list of 6 Kannada movies which have been liked immensely by the audience that we would run to the theatres if a sequel is made.

1. Tagaru

The audience got hooked with the Suri directorial because of the realistic making and raw characters. Shivraj Kumar’s character along with Daali and Chitte is still a favourite amongst the viewers and if another movie is made with these characters, it is sure going to be all hype.

2. Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari

Directed by Santhosh Anandram and starring the Yash-Radhika couple, this movie was a runaway success. The film was a hit with all the categories of the audience and offered clean and quality entertainment. The dialogues, Yash’s characterisation were a good crowd puller and although there is less scope to build on the story, a new plot with the same characters would be interesting.

3. Kendasampige

Kaage Bangara – The supposed prequel of Kendasampige is yet to hit the floors. The Suri directorial has enough stuff to become an interesting franchise in Sandalwood and is keenly awaited by the audience.

4. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

Ulidavaru Kandanthe was one of the most uniquely made films in Kannada. The Roshomon technique, interesting characterisation, catchy music and the setting of Coastal Karnataka was all very impressive. At a time when the industry needs some novelty, a sequel to UK could be a good option to start with.

5. Eddelu Manjunatha

Jaggesh’s character in this film became a household name when this film got released. The circumstances he was made to go through was very entertaining and he was remembered long after the audience left the theatres. If Manjunatha is coming back on screen, people would queue up to catch a glimpse of him.

6. Guru Shishyaru

One of the classics of Kannada cinema, Guru Shishyaru has a separate place in the heart for Kannada audience. With a new twist to the characters in the movie, a sequel would be very interesting.

7. Om

The film which put the gangster-genre on huge demand in Sandalwood, Om has a cult following amongst the people. If Upendra decides to plan a sequel for this epic movie, it would be a festival for the fans.