It was from 2004 to 2008 that most of the 90’s kids were still in school. It was the period which was a transition from their innocence to teenage. Perspective about life is different during this time and so are the choices of their favourite movies.

On that note, here are 6 films which will last forever in the minds of the 90’s kids.



Most of us had not watched a horror until then. However, Apthamithra introduced that experience to us and was good at it. The words like “Nagavalli” and “Ra Ra Sarasaku Ra Ra” resonated with us for a very long time. Hence, this movie will always be nostalgic with the 90’s kids.



Jogi was probably the first cinema which gave us a star-hero blockbuster experience. The songs, Shivanna’s costumes, his hairstyle was a winner amongst us. Not to forget, we also left the theatres with tears in our eyes.

Mungaru Male


Enjoyed by all sections of the audience, Mungaru Male was a special movie for the youth. Dialogues, Cinematography, Songs, Devadas and the tragic ending all made it a complete package for the 90’s kids to enjoy.



Directed by Prakash and starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Milana is a movie which is still enjoyed by us when telecasted on TV. The cute love story was enjoyed by all the youngsters at that time.

Rama Shama Bhama


For 90’s kids, Kamal Hasan was always known to be a Tamil actor. But, when the legend started speaking in the North Karnataka Kannada which we all could associate with, it was a pleasing experience for all of us. Probably no other movie made us laugh so much as this movie during our school time.



Dasara and Mysore Palace are synonymous to each other. Most of the school-going kids have always experienced both of them during their holidays. So, when a movie came out which involved a burglary here, we were all given our first taste of a heist-movie.