Biopic is one genre which has been less explored in Sandalwood. Other industries have tasted success in this category of cinema and our Kannada filmmakers should soon follow. There are a number of personalities born in our state whose stories would be interesting to watch on the big screen.

On that note, here are 6 personalities from our state on whom movies could be made!

1. Dr Rajkumar

Probably the greatest ever actor that our state has seen, Dr Rajkumar is an eternal presence in the hearts of Kannadigas. The icon has played numerous roles and has had a few interesting incidents in his life, all of which would be enjoyed on screen by the audience.

2. Sir M Visvesvaraya

No biopic has ever been made in our country on a personality like Sir M Visvesvaraya. The pioneer of science in our state, Visvesvaraya was a character to remember. He would definitely make an interesting biopic to watch.

3. Prakash Padukone

He has inspired an entire generation to pick up the shuttle and his daughter is creating waves in the movie-biz. Mr Padukone would make a good life-story and motivate many across the country.

4. Ambareesh

The angry-young-man of KFI, the Rebel Star is a character to remember in our state. His real-life character would be entertaining and Ambareesh’s movie journey has seen a steep growth which would fit perfectly into a biopic.

5. Kalpana

An excellent actress in Kannada, Kalpana had to endure a difficult personal life. There are a number of rumours surrounding her and most of it could be laid to rest with a biopic made on her.

6. Shankar Nag

Our generation has not seen this brilliant human-being and yet, he is a common topic of conversation in our everyday lives. Shankar Nag’s biopic could well be the most deserving and much-needed biopic for Sandalwood.