It is tough to get recognized in the entertainment industry. The rate of success is very low and often, many aspiring actors quit midway through their journey. However, a few make it big in movies and their dreams turn to reality.

Here are 5 such actors who have become successful to act in movies due to their commitment and hard work. However, they are yet to get their due in the industry despite their impeccable talent. A good script can well put them on course to do greater things in Sandalwood.

1. Ajay Rao

Ajay Rao has scored a few memorable hits in his career but is yet to reach the top league. He is a brilliant actor who can convey emotions very easily. Yet, top-filmmakers are yet to cast him which has denied Ajay a chance to showcase his talent on a bigger stage. Hope it changes soon and the “Charminar” man gets his due soon.

2. Kishore

Kishore is a celebrated across other industries but in his own state, Kishore is yet to find his feet. Kishore is someone who can excel in a variety of roles and hence, our Kannada audience deserves to see more of him on screen.

3. Prajwal Devaraj

If not for the mistakes in the choice of script, Prajwal Devaraj would have been a star-hero by now. The scion of Dynamic Star Devaraj, Prajwal is an under-rated actor in Sandalwood. Just one solo success and Prajwal could see his fate turn in the industry.

4. Anish Tejeshwar

The handsome actor has been impressive with his performances in movies like Nam Areali One Dina, Akira and Vaasu Naan Pakka Commercial. It is also important for the industry to have someone like Anish score a hit so that a talented good-looking actor will not go unnoticed.

5. Prem

Nenapirali was the perfect launchpad for Prem who is yet to find a proper commercial success so far. There is an immense amount of potential in this actor which is yet to be tapped in and our filmmakers should soon start taking notice of it.