Online streaming services have now become a part of any discussion before any movie gets made. They are an additional source of revenue for a producer and helps widen the reach of the movie.

These streaming services also create their own content which helps people recognize some hidden talents. While a few Kannada movies are slowly entering into this market, Kannada filmmakers have got fewer opportunities to showcase their talent with these streaming services.

Lucia Pawan Kumar is one Sandalwood filmmaker who has co-directed a series titled “Leila” for Netflix and here are 5 other directors from our industry on whom money can be invested by these streaming services to produce some great pan-India content.

1. Soori

Sandalwood’s very own Anurag Kashyap, Soori has a distinct style of raw and realistic filmmaking which could find many takers across the country. Underworld and Rowdyism are Soori’s strength and if a suitable offer comes across, he must take it up to showcase his talent on a larger scale.

2. Hemanth M Rao

Godhi Banna was one of the breakthrough movies in Kannada cinema and Hemanth’s contribution as a writer for Hindi movie Andhadhun clicked too. Hemanth is capable of making emotion laden thrillers and with this genre being the most preferred by Netflix or Amazon, Hemanth looks the most likely to follow on the footsteps of Pawan Kumar.

3. Rishab Shetty

With Rikki, Kirik Party and SHPS Kasargode, Rishab has proved his mettle of handling different subjects easily. All his movies have been entertaining and he is a good contender from our state to direct a romantic comedy or a social satire for any of the popular streaming services.

4. Shashank

Shashank is someone who can handle big-budgets and is an expert in conveying emotions easily. If a commercial entertainer with the right mix of emotions needs to be made, Shashank could be the best candidate from Karnataka to handle the project.

5. Aadarsh Eashwarappa

Aadarsh’s first offering “Shuddhi” was one-of-a-kind movie released in Kannada which garnered appreciation from all quarters. Quality content was produced in a stringent budget which could just be the right qualities to direct a movie for Netflix or Amazon Prime. Aadarsh is a good choice to direct thrillers or suspense movies which can keep the audience at the edge of their seats.