Directed by Akshith Shetty and Arjun Lewis, ‘Lungi’ is all set to hit the screens on October 11th. The movie has Pranav Hegde, Ahalya Suresh and Radhika Rao in the lead roles and with the trailer having already been released a few days ago, the movie is set for a good opening at the box-office.

However, we felt that this movie would be especially liked well by youngsters and here are 5 reasons justifying the same.

1. Relatable Characters

As seen from the trailer, the makers have weaved the story around realistic characters and with the majority of them being young, our youth can be hooked to the story faster.

2. Waste Body

This line from the recently released song of this movie is something that has been heard by us many times in our lives. Well, such slang words do make the proceedings enjoyable for the youngsters.

— LUNGI theatrical Trailer —

3. The Startup Ecosystem

With the core of the movie set around the rise of a start-up, this movie can be informative to the audience, especially for the youngsters wanting to make it big in their lives.

4. Breezy Romance

This aspect in this movie seems interesting as we are set to be served with a love story peppered with a lot of light moments. Tired of seeing the intense and routine love stories, this movie will come as a sigh of relief.

5. Not at all Preachy

Unlike the other flicks which become too preachy about life, this movie aims to tell an interesting lesson in life using relatable situations and likeable characters. Hence, this can be extremely successful with the youngsters, who will like such cinema.