Directed by Shiv Ganesh, Aa Drushya is the official remake of Tamil-blockbuster Dhruvangal Padhinaaru. The movie released across the state last Friday and received wide critical acclaim and audience appreciation. The movie has been running with packed houses and here are 5 reasons why this flick cannot be given a miss at the theatres.

1. Ravichandran in a never-before-seen avatar

Ravichandran’s performance is the USP of this movie. He appears in two diverse roles, both of which have not been explored by him in the past. Hence, for his fans and the general audience alike, this movie deserves a watch for this gentleman.

2. Unpredictable screenplay

So many surprising twists and turns have been instilled in the movie that you wouldn’t blink your eyes even for a moment. Such an u predictable screenplay needs to be savored in front of the big screen.

3. A father-son drama at the core

Not revealing much details about the story, this movie is a father-son story at the core. How does a thriller movie get connected to an emotional angle is something that Shiv Ganesh has pulled off with elan.

4. Impressive visuals

Production values have not been compromised, thereby giving rise to a visually pleasing experience at the theatres. The camera angles and the tone of the frames add to the intensity of the story.

5. A Crisp watch

There are absolutely no commercial distractions in this movie. Hence, the run-time is well around the 2-hour mark, making it for a crisp and optimum watch.