Hard-hitting cinema is a rarity in Sandalwood these days. Apart from the entertainment factor, movies can offer much more to the audience. Dayal Padmanabhan’s latest flick Ranganayaki is one such cinema that is likely to provocate a reaction from the audience and hence, become a socially-responsible film. Of course, like every Dayal film, Ranganayaki is all set to be laced with interesting plot points and captivating content; a combination that will serve the audience well.

On that note, with this movie gearing up for its release, here are 5 reasons why we must be excited about Ranganayaki.

1. Dayal Padmanabhan

This man knows no bounds with respect to the creativity that is put in place while his movies are being made. He has a separate fan-base who gorge on his content-oriented flicks and with this man at the helm of Ranganayaki, a better reason could not be on offer to visit the theatres.

2. Daring Content

As seen from the trailer, Ranganayaki is a bold-attempt with thought-provocating content inside the movie. Such movies are rare in Sandalwood and for flicks that come once in a while like Ranganayaki, we ought not to miss them at the theatres.

3. Female-Centric Movie

This genre has the appeal to reach a wider audience and with this comes the responsibility of delivering solid content. One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to watch the content that Dayal has in store for us.

4. The Title: Ranganayaki

We all know the impact that this title created a few decades ago in Sandalwood. Can the impact be recreated with Ranganayaki: 2019? Well, only time can tell.

5. Aditi Prabhudeva

A wonderful actress, Aditi has picked a sensitive subject at the start of her career. She impressed in the trailer and has left us asking for more; something that we can fulfill at the theatres.