Cinematic Universe is a common tool used by Hollywood filmmakers to bring the audience to the theatres. We have seen many superheroes who meet to achieve a certain objective in many cases. If the Kannada audience needs to get a taste of this tool, here are 5 pairs of movies which can be clubbed to form a cinematic universe.

KGF Chapter 1 – Kavaludaari


While the movie KGF is set during the 1960s around the Emergency period, an important event in Kavaludaari also takes place around the same time. Hence, there could be a few common threads during that time which can be explored to build a cinematic universe.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe – SHPS Kasargod


Both these movies are set at just a few 100 kilometres away. Although the timeline is different, there are chances of developing a cinematic universe with several kids already a part of Ulidavaru Kandanthe.

Adyaksha – Thithi


Both these village-based films are at different ends of the spectrum in terms of treatment. However, the humour is the common thread in both these flicks which would make us wonder what would happen if the likes of Sharan or Chikkanna encounter Gaddappa in a scene.

Mungaru Male – Kirik Party


Based on heartbreaks, both these films have a special place in the hearts of Kannada audience. While Preetham had to deal with love failure at the end of Mungaru Male, Karna lost his loved one in the middle of Kirik Party. Although there could be a time gap about when these characters faced heartbreak, it would be interesting to watch if both these characters bond together after a love-failure.

Jogi – Duniya


Both these films were based on underworld and while mother sentiment was the focal point in Jogi, only a slight glimpse of the same emotion was shown at the start of Duniya. Coming from the same backgrounds and meeting almost the same fate, Duniya and Jogi could have created an interesting cinematic universe.