Sandalwood has had certain limitations with respect to the genres that are being tried. With the latest technology and impeccable talent at disposal, the filmmakers from Sandalwood should soon start exploring these 5 interesting film genres.

1. Biopic

Sandalwood has fallen behind the other industries in this genre. Despite having a number of inspiring personalities in the state, very few official Biopics have been made. It is a trending genre in the country and Sandalwood must soon make use of it.

2. Space Drama

Tollywood and Kollywood have already come out with space-dramas and Sandalwood should soon follow them. Most of the space activities in our country go on in Karnataka (ISRO &DRDO headquarters) and hence, a movie in this genre makes sense being made here.

3. Sports Drama

Films with sports background have been scarce in Sandalwood. In a sports-crazy state like Karnataka with a number of fit actors available, we should soon delve into this genre.

4. Disaster Film

Disaster films are one of the most interesting film-genres for its huge scale. It requires a lot of time and meticulousness to make such a film and for the hype it generates, it could worth making a Disaster movie.

5. Coming of Age Fiction

All these genre needs is a good script and decent actors. We have seen a few movies of this genre previously in Sandalwood but it has not been explored to a great extent. If an effort can be made to make more movies in this genre, it would do a lot of good go the industry.