We have seen movies which do well in theatres while a few are liked when seen on DVDs or streaming services. It is to be noted that there are a few movies have a fan-base on TV which is very huge. Every time it is telecasted on TV, we try not to miss these movies as all of them have got content, the value of which does not reduce with time.

Here are 5 such Sandalwood movies which have got a unique fan-base on TV too:

1. Milana

Directed by Prakash, Puneeth Rajkumar’s family fan base increased multifold with this movie. The movie never fails to entertain or trigger emotions even after watching it multiple times. Hence, this film makes it to the list of one of the most loved films on TV.

2. Suntaragali

Suntaragali was one of the best mass-entertainers made in Sandalwood. The scenes involving Sadhu Kokila and Rakshitha have a repeat value with the TV audience. Not to forget, Darshan’s mass avatar is still relished by the TV viewers whenever this movie is telecasted on TV.

3. Guru Shishyaru

One of the classics of Kannada cinema, Guru Shishyaru is also one of the most popular movies on TV. The comedy content in the film will make you laugh every time you watch it and hence, this masterpiece has clicked on TV too.

4. Gaalipata

Directed by Yograj Bhat, Gaalipata was a big hit in Sandalwood. The simple story loaded with entertaining dialogues was a winner at the Box Office. The same formula has impressed the TV audience too and that is the reason for the movie’s success on TV.

5. Chigurida Kanasu

Chigurida Kanasu received appreciation from all quarters at the time of its release. The movie also won several awards and hence, still remains as one of the important movies in Shivanna’s career. The clean entertainment factor and relatability of the film with common audience has won it fans on TV too.