Shankar Nag is a legend of Kannada Cinema and his works are still a reference for many upcoming movies. He is the true trendsetter of Sandalwood who has balanced both artistic and commercial elements in his movies. With a plethora of classics made by him, here are 5 unique movie-genres explored by the legend himself in his movies.

1. Minchina Ota – Heist Film

Starring Shankar Nag and Anant Nag, this movie was one of the first to be based on a robbery. However, the classical masterpiece by Shankar Nag also generated a few laughs in the theatres which makes the movie fall into a unique category.

2. Januma Janumada Anubhandha – Romantic Thriller

Still remembered now, this movie falls into this unique list of Romantic Thrillers. Known for the songs, the Anant Nag-starrer gave a different viewing experience to the audience.

3. Nodi Swami Naavu Irodu Heege – Social Satire

Social satires were hardly made in India back then and it was Shankar Nag who made this genre famous in Karnataka. His take on the influence of western culture in our lifestyle was a good watch for the viewers.

4. Accident – Investigative Crime Thriller

When most of the movies released back then focused on family emotions, Accident was an off-beat attempt which hooked the audience to their seats. A whodunit thriller could not have found a better way to enter into Sandalwood than Accident.

5. Ondu Mutthina Kathe – Underwater Drama

Starring Dr Rajkumar, this movie was the first Indian film to be shot underwater. The film involved a lot of scenes underwater and was a treat to the Kannada audience. In fact, with the latest technology available, this genre is yet to be fully explored in the current generation too.