With the amount of talent pool available in Karnataka, we hardly see a hero and director working for the 2nd time even if their first collaboration was successful. Though the combination might look repetitive for the audience, the product they can assure if they work again will always be sensational.

On that note, here are 5 Hero-Director Combinations which we want to happen again in Sandalwood.

1. Yash – Yograj Bhat


The last time the duo collaborated, Sandalwood got a complete entertainer in Drama. The movie had a strong plot with a lot of entertaining elements and witty dialogues. With both of them being in good form right now, we might as well fantasize on yet another movie in their combo.

2. Sudeep – Shashank


Bachchan is one of the most underrated movies in Sandalwood. With excellent production qualities, a new story and a powerhouse performance from Sudeep, Bachchan was a good movie. Another movie with the same quality would be expected if these two join hands again.

3. Darshan – Prem


Kariya was one movie which is still remembered amongst the Kannada audience. The gangster flick had a the trademark Perm’s emotional element instilled in it which made the movie a massive success. Another movie in this combo would definitely be a big boost to mass-film genre in Sandalwood.

4. Puneeth Raj Kumar – Prakash


Milana falls into the category of the Evergreen films in Sandalwood. Everything was perfect in the movie and with both these individuals being close relatives, a PRK-Prakash can be expected.

5. Rakshit Shetty – Simple Suni


Both their careers went to the next level with Simpleagondhu Love Story. Rakshit is now a pro in showcasing his sense of humor and Suni has grown into a bankable director in Sandalwood. A repeat of their combo would definitely tickle the funny bones again if it happens.