Apart from the bundle of talent that he is an owner of, Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar boasts of a varied fan-base, comprising people belonging to all the age-groups. Hence, he has the responsibility to cater to all of them, a process that could ask of him to work with directors known for different strengths.

On that note, here are the directors he must work ASAP, for the benefit of the industry and also entertain us to the core.

1. Hemanth M Rao

Puneeth has already worked as a producer with Hemanth and known that this director can conceive taut thrillers, Puneeth must attempt a movie in his direction to provide something different to his fans.

2. Shashank

Shashank is an extremely underrated actor in the industry. However, he has a few big hits to his name and if Puneeth can give him a chance, a big-budget entertainer could be in store for us.

3. Simple Suni

We would want to see Puneeth in an out-and-out comedy and for that to happen, Simple Suni would be the best candidate to direct our Appu.

4. Krishna

Krishna has proved his mettle in handling a big hero and in all of his three movies so far, he has successfully weaved a commercial subject around a novel concept. Well, this could be th perfect recipe for Puneeth to deliver yet another blockbuster.

5. Preetham Gubbi

Adept at making breezy romantic movies, Preetham would be ideal to showcase Puneeth in an avatar that was loved in movies like Milana and Arasu.