A few movies do not get their due credit for being well made for a variety of reasons. It could be a bad release timing, lack of screens or less publicity done for the movie. It is after a few months and years that the audience realizes the brilliance of the movie and regret their decision of ignoring it when it was in theatres.

Although there are a number of movies which fall into this category, here are 5 movies which should have really been appreciated when it was in theatres.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe


Directed by Rakshit Shetty, this movie was just ahead of its time. Based on the Roshomon effect, most of the audience could not comprehend the movie and hence, the film ended as a failure. However, it is definitely one of the best movies made in Kannada cinema and will have a cult following for a few more years.



Starring Yash and Ramya, this movie was not received well by the audience in the theatres. However, it is one of those movies which are enjoyed a lot when it is telecasted on TV and then realise why it was not a box-office success.



Known for its unique climax, this movie is still not accepted by the fans of Puneeth. However, Paramaatma was one of the most entertaining movies released that year and had good music and acting too. It was just Puneeth’s selection of a different subject which made the movie a failure in theatres.

Mungaru Male 2


The expectations were high on this movie as it was a sequel to one of the most successful movies in Sandalwood. Despite having good production quality, music, acting and a decent story, the movie ended as a flop. If this movie had been released with a different title, it could have performed well in the theatres.

Just Maath Maathalli


Directed by Sudeep himself, this movie was given the feedback of being very slow and boring. However, it was that kind of screenplay which suited the story most and in fact, the movie was a good experience for the viewers. The music of Raghu Dixit and subtle acting of Sudeep was brilliant and hence, this movie deserved more praise.