Yograj Bhat is one of the very few filmmakers in Sandalwood who has followers across all age groups. Be it his entertaining one-liners or the emotion-filled narratives, Yograj Bhat’s talent is unparalleled.

However, one of the most important contributions of the Mungaru Male director to Sandalwood has been the talented filmmakers he has given to the industry. They have gone on to make wonderful movies and here are a few of them.

1. Lucia

Probably the path breaker for Kannada cinema, Lucia will remain as a classic for many years to come. Pawan Kumar has become an in-demand filmmaker right now.Pawan has also done excellent movies such as Lifeu Ishtene and U-Turn apart from Lucia.

2. Googly

Pavan Wadeyar’s second movie was also Yash’s entry to stardom. The cute love story was received well by the audience and Yash’s characterization in the movie is still remembered.

3. Jayammana Maga

Directed by Ravikiran Vikas, the Duniya Vijay-starrer brought a fresh concept to the industry. Many films later followed this template and became successful. The credit must definitely go to Yograj Bhat for producing such fine talents.

4. Johny Mere Naam Preeti Mera Kaam

Preetam Gubbi was involved in Mungaru Male as an assistant and a screenwriter and Gubbi has not failed his master. Johny was an entertaining character created by Preetam which brought the theatre down with waves of laughter. Preetam also has a number of interesting projects in hand.

5. Duniya

Yes. Suri was an assistant to Yograj Bhat during the filming of Ranga SSLC. Since Duniya, Suri has established himself as one of the finest filmmakers in Karnataka. With movies such as Kaddipudi, Kendasampige and Tagaru, Suri can be considered as the best gift by Yograj Bhat to Sandalwood.