Released in 2018, Andhadhun was a breakthrough movie in Bollywood which set the cash registers ringing for a very long time. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, this film saw Ayushman Khurana play a blind man who witnesses a murder, albeit, he was faking his blindness. Tabu and Radhika Apte were also a part of this hugely successful movie which increased the market of suspense thrillers in Bollywood.

Having so much happened around this movie, naturally, there are possibilities of it being remade in other Indian languages. However, if the remake does materialize in Kannada, here are the 5 talented actors who could emulate the role played by Ayushman Khurana.

1. Rakshit Shetty

Rakshit’s prowess as an actor is undoubted and he would be one of the best choices to pull off Aysuhman’s role in Andhadun. Rakshit has not played the role of a blind man before and this character could well be the best possible option for him if he wants to be a blind man on screen.

2. Diganth

The chocolate boy of KFI, Diganth has the looks and acting talent to reprise the lead role in Andhadun. In fact, it is a character which could give a star status to the Gaalipata man if he excels in the role.

3. Rishi

Ayushman’s role in Andhadun has a slightly comical touch to it and as seen in Operation Alamelamma, Rishi is a good fit to play the lead role in Andhadun’s Kannada remake. The whole movie could get a new dimension if Rishi gets to act in the film.

4. Prajwal Devaraj

This man has got loads of talent but a brilliant script has been escaping his hands for a long time. He would be an interesting choice to remake Andhadun Sandalwood and may well give him the much-needed break in the industry.

5. Praveen Tej

Praveen Tej has got the looks and physique to emulate Ayushman on screen. As seen in Striker, Praveen has got immense acting skills too which makes him a very good option to cast in Andhadun.