Apart from being the Silicon Valley of India, our Bengaluru is also one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The pleasant weather and friendly people are reasons enough for a lot of outsiders to love our city.

Apart from being the home of Kannada cinema, Bangalore is also the city where a number of successful non-Kannada movies are set in. If you are someone who is crazy about Bengaluru, then these 4 movies must definitely be on your watch-list.

1. Bangalore Days

This Malayalam film directed by Anjali Menon has cult fans not only across Kerala but also in our state. Bangalore was portrayed in a way which made many Kannadigas love this movie. Bangalore’s green-filled areas and night-life were shown abundantly in this film which can also be considered as one of the best non-Kannada movie set in Bangalore.

2. Brahman Naman

Not many are aware of this English adult-comedy which released a few years ago on Netflix. Set in the 1980s, this film about a few teenagers with raging hormones is set in Bangalore. The film has been widely shot in the St Joseph’s PU College and the lanes of Jayanagar which would make the Bangaloreans very happy.

3. Mard

Mard was a blockbuster Bollywood film which had Amitabh Bachan in the lead. Vidhan Soudha, The High Court and the Bangalore Club were shown in a beautiful way which is reminiscent of how beautiful Bengaluru is.

4. Paiyaa

Directed by N Linguswamy, this Kollywood love-story had a chunk of it set in Bangalore. Although the story moves to Mumbai later in the film, the Bangalore portions were a treat to watch for the audience.